Criminal Defense Investigators Alliance


Founded in July, 1999 by private investigator, Daniel A. Hodge. The Criminal Defense Investigators Alliance (CDIA) is a list dedicated to licensed criminal defense investigators and criminal defense attorneys as well as public defenders. Topics on this list include but not limited to; Homicide investigation, unexplained deaths, forensics, interviews and interrogations, criminal law and procedure. Human Trafficing and Supreme court rulings, etc.

Mr. Hodge has also worked in law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. Dan has also served as the chief investigator for the Public Defenders Office in the State of Kentucky. When it comes to crimes against children and the elderly, no other investigator works more diligently than Mr. Hodge. In 1995, while testifying in a child custody/abuse case, Mr. Hodge was called a pitbull by the residing judge. “You have obviously worked this investigation day and night and inside and out.” “Son you’re like a pitbull, I thank you for your testimony and I’m glad you stuck this out”. “Now please sit, thank you”.

The Criminal Defense Investigators Alliance is a restricted list and is available only to licensed investigators and attorneys whose practice consist of at least 50% of criminal defense work.
This list does not allow for any topics other than that which pertains to criminal investigation and criminal law. No jokes or flames of any nature will be tolerated. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be removed from the list immediately.

All subscribers must submit a photocopy of their state issued license prior to being approved to the list. In states where a state license is not regulated, a photocopy of the investigator’s business or occupational license is necessary. No exceptions!

License information must be mailed to, CDIA at P.O. Box 393 Ft. Thomas, KY 41075. E-mail attachments and faxes are acceptable.