Five Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Next Employee

Finding ambitious, experienced and educated employees these days is a lot easier said than done. Furthermore, just because an employee appears perfect on paper does not necessarily
mean he will be the perfect fit for the position. That is why it is important to tackle the task of hiring employees with a five-factor game plan that includes your own personal research as well as professional employee screening services.

  1. The Resume

Reading through a resume and cover letter is the first step in the hiring process. Most employers will make sure the applicant has the proper education and work experience. An excellent resume will be eloquent, error-free and will paint an accurate professional image of the person it represents. Once you have gone through the resumes and categorized them into “yes” and “no” piles, it’s time to uncover the truth behind those words.

  1. A Social Security Verification Check

In addition to a resume, a social security verification check can provide you with the assurance that your employee has the experience you are looking for. A social security verification check will tell you the basis details of a potential employee, including name, address and previous jobs held according to his tax records. What this means is you can compare what is written on his resume to what is actually true. You may discover that those five years your potential employee said he worked as a bank manager were actually five years spent on the cash register at McDonalds. According to a recent study, 30% of applications contain false material. If your potential employee is lying about his education/experience in the industry,
then what else is he prepared to lie about? Employee screening services will provide you with this information before you make a big mistake and hire someone who is under qualified and dishonest.

  1. The Interview

The interview process is often the most time consuming, most tedious, and most important factor in hiring the right employee. After all, this is the time where you actually meet your potential employee face to face and uncover the truth about his personality. Most employees will be somewhat nervous during the interview process but you should still be able to assess his character and his personality during the interview. Is he shy or outgoing? Is he rude or polite? Is he dressed appropriately? Is he prepared? Does he possess the people skills required for the position? All of these small factors can help you decide the big picture – who your next employee will be.

  1. The References

During the interview process, it is important to ask for a list of references from your applicant. These references are often people he has worked with in the past, people who know him well and people who will give him a positive recommendation. It is a good idea to also contact the applicant’s previous workplace and speak to the managers, regardless of whether these names are included as references. The reason is because you will find out the truth about an applicant’s work ethic through an old boss or manager. You will also be able to uncover if the applicant left on poor terms and why. If the problem is related to something serious such as employee theft or sexual harassment, you might want to think twice about letting him
on the payroll.

  1. The Criminal Background Check

The criminal background check is often the missing piece in your employee search puzzle.  A criminal background check will check your potential employee’s criminal record
to determine if he has had any convictions in the past. Most of the time a criminal record check simply provides the assurance that you are hiring the right employee. Although a background check is standard in certain jobs, such as government careers and teaching positions, all employers can benefit from this employee screening service.

But what happens if you do find something amiss? What happens if your employee’s criminal background check reveals a misdemeanor or felony offense from the past? What you
decide to do with this information is completely up to you. Many employers will look at the facts surrounding the arrest and conviction. When did it occur? If the arrest occurred over fifteen years ago, then it could have been a one-time mistake. However, if there are numerous criminal convictions over the past five years, then this is something different. Furthermore, what was the crime committed? Theft, white collar crime, assault, murder, homicide, arson, criminal sexual conduct or any other felony-related crimes should act as a red flag, especially if the job entails working around money, important documentation or other people.

There is one final factor you need to consider when choosing your next employee and that is your own intuition. You should always go with the person you feel confident with and who not only has what it takes on paper, but also has that extra something that matches your company. Never underestimate the power of your instincts. However, take the cautionary road by including the interview, the social security verification, the reference check and the criminal background check in your employee hiring process.

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