Is an Employee Driving Report Necessary for my Business?

A driving record is important for a number of reasons. For one, a driving record will document all the different violations, points loss, insurance details, vehicle details and accidents of the past – all of this information will impact your car insurance rate and thus, the better driving record you have, the better car insurance rate you will be offered. However, a driving record is not only an essential document to order as an individual, but it can also be a great way to determine if a person is suited for a job in your company. For business owners, no matter the type of business, an employee driving report will give you the insider knowledge into someone’s habits on the road. This is especially important in occupations where driving is part of the job description.

If you employ any type of driver, then an employee driving record is something that should not be missed. This goes for those who are employed to drive schools buses, tour buses,
taxis, limousines, delivery trucks and so forth. However, there are several careers where driving may not be the main job criterion but where driving is most certainly necessary. Furthermore, if you are offering
a company vehicle to your employees, then you are not only putting other drivers at risk by not checking an employee’s driving record, but you are also putting your company’s name and reputation on the line
as well.

Client- Based Companies and Employment Screening Driving Reports

There are certain careers where client satisfaction is of utmost importance and where good people skills will drive your business forward. This is true in the real estate industry
and any other sales-related field. Very often this client interaction does not occur just in the comforts of the office. In the case of real estate, client interactions also take place on the road as a realtor navigates through the streets showing houses to potential buyers. If you discover through an employment driving report that your new realtor
is also a speed demon on the road, you might not feel comfortable letting him drive a company car filled with potential clients (and, racing down the freeway at 40 miles over the speed limit, these clients are most
likely not at ease either). Furthermore, it will be embarrassing not only for the driver, but also for you as the business owner, when your company car is pulled over on the side of the highway for speeding or
drunk driving. There is no catchy slogan that will help your company in this situation.

If you own any type of client-based business where driving to and from work, or driving around throughout the day is part of the job description, then it may be a good idea to
check the driving records of your potential employees.

Safety and Driving Reports

Another industry where a driving report should be essential when choosing employees is in the construction and earth moving industry. Operating heavy machinery not only requires
a certain ticket and license, but should also involve an employer check into a potential employees’ driving backgrounds to make sure they have not made a lot of mistakes on the road. Careless highway driving
can often lead to careless heavy vehicle driving as well. And, when you are on a job site, safety always comes first. Any heavy machinery operators from pavers to dozer drivers, from heavy duty mechanics to
backhoe drivers, should not only have the experience and the qualifications needed to drive these machines, but also have a clean, or near clean, employee driving record. After all, in most instances, it’s your company
name that is on the machines and your men working in the field, so you want to protect both your reputation and your workers from any unsafe situation.

Careers with Children and Employee Driving Records

With a career that is, in any way, children-orientated, there are a number of employment record checks that should be included in the hiring process. Most government agencies
and schools require not only certification, but also a criminal background check and social security verification for anyone wanting to work around children. However, a driving report is also an important document to
check. This should be required for teachers, day care workers or nannies to name a few. Teachers often drive students to extra-curricular activities, such as basketball games, especially if they happen to be the coach.
Furthermore, many childcare workers will drive on field trips and many daycares offer a pick-up/drop-off service for busy moms. Nannies are often given access to a vehicle to drive the children to the library,
school and other places throughout the day. If your potential child care worker has three DWI offenses, then you might think twice about putting her behind the wheel of your daycare van. You need to put the
protection of the children first and this means hiring only the most experienced and safest people to work on your team.

There are a number of careers where driving is the main criterion; however, there are even more occupations where driving may not be the most important aspect of the job description, but is necessary on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you own a trucking company or a child care business, it is important to look into potential employees’ driving records and other employment background services before handing out the job. It is not only your company’s reputation that is on the line – it is also the safety of clients, workers, children and other drivers on the road. A driving report can give you that extra protection both on and off the road to help you make the best decision about your next employee.

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