The National Association Of Investigative Specialists is an American trade association of private investigative professionals that focuses in on marketing investigative services, developing new investigative techniques, providing training programs for those in practice or those wishing to enter the profession, developing positive media coverage of the investigative profession, acting as a center for case referrals and positive publicity referrals to members, and providing the overall membership with group buying power. Some of the programs of NAIS are described below.

For 25 years NAIS has been seeking positive publicity for private investigators and the private investigative image. All forms of the media’s attention has been obtained including television, print, and radio. National television shows, newspapers, radio talk shows and other journalists regularly contact NAIS when they are doing stories related to various aspects of investigation and NAIS matches up these requests with the right type of investigator. As a result of this program, NAIS and it’s members have appeared on just about every major television talk show and just about every major newspaper.