Privacy is Paramount

User’s Privacy is Paramount at the Innovative Social Networking Web-Site

Zotality, Inc. (USA) announced that its recently launched is breaking new grounds in its attempt to protect Users’ Privacy through the implementation of its Preemptive Privacy Features.

Allentown, PA (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Preemptive Privacy Features, as the term suggests, are designed to preempt the possibility of those very commonplace and everyday communication embarrassments and disasters within the social networking realm, which cost many participants their relationships or jobs.

These highly ingenious Preemptive Privacy Features enable Registered Users of to organize their prospective online friends or contacts into imaginative pre-defined friend-grouping categories such as Pal, Acquaintance, Family, Beer-Buddy, and Hush! Hush! (Clandestine), and even facilitate further application of detailed privacy settings prior to sending out or accepting an invite to connect with them!

In fact, has elevated User privacy to a level unknown until now through its Hush! Hush! (Clandestine) friend-grouping category, which not only binds the User and invitee into a one-to-one connection but also, conceals the presence of User’s Hush! Hush friend while hiding communication and interaction with him, or her, from all others.

The site is also the world’s first and only astrologically guided social networking destination, which offers its registered users the opportunity to connect astrologically with their friends, relatives, spouses, romantic-interests and others.

The site currently offers the following Astrological services to its registered Users: Birth-chart based (a) daily predictions of not only the User but also his, or her, friends and family, (c) daily astro-interactions with friends and family, (c) astro-compatibility, with friends and family, centered around the 8 astrological characteristics matching, (d) Lifetime Planetary Conditions; (e) and, more.

However, the ability to comment on the daily astro-predictions, and also the daily astro-interaction with friends and family members is central to facilitation of interaction and on-line communication between registered Users. Thus, by offering not only the platform to connect and communicate but also the exciting astrological content to facilitate communication and interaction between its registered Users, has raised the bar for social networking sites and brought about a shift in the current social-networking paradigm!