Private Investigators: Birds Eye Global Tracking Releases 1,000 Hour Battery

GPS tracking company Birds Eye Tracking, Inc. has releases a unique battery for private investigating that last for 1,000 hours.

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL, February 09, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — After polling private investigator clients, Birds Eye Tracking, Inc. discovered that one of the biggest problems that professional sleuths have is that GPS tracking batteries simply don’t last. A number of private investigators reported that attempting to change a GPS tracker battery mid-stakeout is next to impossible, though not changing an ailing battery can mean losing a suspect’s trail.

Taking polling results to the development table, Birds Eye technicians created a battery that can last up to 1,000 hours – that’s nearly double the time of most other GPS batteries available. In addition to providing private investigator clients with a battery that last longer than many others, Birds Eye Tracking also offers PI-specific GPS tracking devices.

According to Birds Eye CEO, Jimmy Bitzas, a number of Birds Eye trackers have been “…specifically developed with our private investigator clients in mind.” Bitzas went on to tell press that the company likes to “…dedicate a good amount of development time to listening to client requests and concerns.”

The result of client polling has been, thus far, a battery that lasts for up to 1,000 hours and GPS tracking devices that can be hidden in the middle of any vehicle without service disruption. As one South Carolina-based Birds Eye client puts it, he has “…been able to stream line my investigations and get the information faster and with more reliability than ever.”

Birds Eye Tracking has been working with private investigators for years. To find out more about Birds Eye Tracking devices, learn about PI-specific devices, or to purchase a Birds Eye tracking GPS devices or battery, please contact Birds Eye Tracking at: 1-877-556-9872. Or, visit the Birds Eye Tracking website at:

Our goal is to provide both businesses and individuals with the capability to instantly locate whatever you value most. Whether you are tracking a loved one, a fleet vehicle or a prized asset, our line of advanced technology GPS/GPRS tracking devices work anytime. All Birds Eye products are real-time & historical trackers with never any “overcharges” for continuous 24/7 tracking services. That means you can have the “Peace Of Mind” that your loved one is safe or your vehicle is being operated responsibly, because your Birds Eye device is always on the job.

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