Report Examples:
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  • Utah Surveillance Unit / Covert Surveillance Services:

    Surveillance is usually conducted for Infidelity Investigations, Employee Theft Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Missing Persons Investigations, Civil Investigations, Child Custody Investigations and much more. Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, who they meet with, lifestyle or whatever other fact you are looking to obtain. Our License Private Investigators will obtain discreet video documentation using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, miniature body worn hidden cameras, night vision capable cameras, GPS vehicle tracking systems, and sophisticated surveillance techniques. Investigations can be conducted in most major cities throughout the United States

  • Utah Skip Tracing / Locate Investigations:

    We can locate individuals who are intentionally missing, victims of foul play, witnesses, runaways, dead-beat parents, old friends, relatives, etc. Our resources give us nation-wide tracing capabilities. We utilize the latest technology, as well as surveillance and undercover operations.

  • Utah Infidelity Investigations / Cheating Spouses:

    Don’t be blinded by emotions and let us confirm the truth for you today!!!! We have License Private Investigators that specialize in infidelity cases. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our License Private Investigators may assist you in determining if your significant other is committing infidelity. We will document all their activities; places visited, and also identify who they meet with. In addition, we may obtain video and/or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects. If you desire, we may also give you an investigation report and a video documentation on the investigation results obtained. Furthermore, we can testify on the findings in any court proceeding if it is needed.

  • Utah Current Employer Search / P.O.E:

    You provide us with the persons name; social security number and last known address or state and Utah PI’s will conduct a nationwide skip trace to provide you with that person’s current employer. This search is great for child support collections, Bail bond skips, missing persons, asset searches, and vehicle repossessions.

  • Utah Nationwide Record Researches / Due Diligence Search:

    Millions of public and private databases are scanned in efforts to obtain just about any information on anyone. Records include: property ownership, civil records, criminal records, marriage histories, driving records, plus much more.

  • Utah Background Investigations / Pre Tenant / Pre Employment:

    Specially tailored investigation through on-site courthouse research or on-line databases, this investigation is utilized to determine the subject’s character, reputation, employment status, civil history, criminal history, medical history and other specific research. Background Investigations are useful in the following areas: Pre-Employment, Tenant Screening, Pre-Marital, Pre-Dating, Business Relations, Nannies, Pre/Post Litigation, etc.

  • Utah Child Custody Investigations / Child Support / Child Welfare:

    Our License Utah Private Investigators specialize in Child Custody Investigations. In this instance, we can follow your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation to determine unlawful or improper activity during the time your child is in their care. We can also follow your spouse or ex on their own free time to determine activities, lifestyle, living conditions and persons they associate with. A background check may also be conducted on the subject. We may also give you an investigation report and a video documentation on the current lifestyle in which that person or your child is living. In addition, we can testify on the findings in any court proceeding.

  • Utah Insurance Fraud Investigations:

    Our License Private Investigators specialize in investigating worker’s compensation, liability, and medical malpractice claims. Surveillance is usually conducted for trial evidence and documentation purposes. In addition, we may conduct activity checks and neighborhood investigations on your subject to determine their daily activities and lifestyle.

  • Utah Trash Recovery Investigations

    Trash recovery of your subject’s residence will assist our License Private Investigators in obtaining many facts that were not previously known. This can be combined with surveillance to aid in your investigation findings.

  • Utah Identity Theft Investigations:

    Americans who suffer from identity theft experience the damaging their credit and driver’s license report, many times costing several thousands of dollars because of higher interest rates. Identity theft is the crime of the century, according to FBI records. More and more Americans social security numbers and identities are used without their permission daily!!! Don’t be the last to KNOW!!!

  • Utah Criminal Defense Investigations:

    A Criminal Investigation is conducted on behalf of a defendant. Utah Investigators will be a key member of a defense team. The Utah Investigators will evaluate evidence, police investigative procedures, and forensic testing. He or she will visit the crime scene, interview witnesses, and search for undiscovered evidence and new witnesses. Omissions and errors made by the police and detected by Utah Investigators can be used to construct a theory of the case that exonerates the defendant or reduces the severity of the prosecution’s charges.

  • Investigation & Interrogation / Witness Locate & Statements

    Utah Investigators can work very closely with lawyers to aid in preparing for trials. Whether we are investigating fraud, conducting criminal and civil investigations, locating witnesses, finding missing children or locating and verifying assets, we can deliver comprehensive information right to you! Investigate and discover true identity of someone. Provide. Witness statements, Medical translations, Convicted Criminal Records, Sex offenders, nationwide criminal history. Provide interrogation reports, Asset Public Record Checks. & much more!!!

  • Electronic Countermeasures / De Bugging Services

    This Utah Service is usually offered to homeowners and small businesses. Hidden bugs and wiretaps may be detected within your home or office to detect eavesdropping. In addition, we may also investigate and debug phone lines with special debugging equipment. Do not be a victim of eavesdropping ….Detect and investigate eavesdropping before it is too late!

  • Our Utah Surveillance Team can help you in:

    Identifying the habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations and or character of any person or group of persons.
    Establishing the credibility of witnesses or other persons.
    Locating the whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property or heirs to estates.
    Determining the location of lost or stolen property.
    Detecting theft and fraud by employees.
    Validating personal injury claims.

Background Check Reports

  • NA (Name and Address) supply the land-line phone number and we will provide the name and service address.
  • NA Cell Phone (Name and Address) Cell Phone or Pager: Supply a cell phone or pager phone number and we will provide the billing name and address.
  • Phone Number: Supply a name, social security number and current or last known address and we will supply a phone number (Home or Cello
  • Criminal Background- Provide a criminal history report.
  • Non-Pub (Non Published Landline) Supply a name and address and we will provide a phone number to the specific address.
  • PO Box – Supply a post office box number and we will provide the corresponding physical address as stated on the original application
  • Utility Search – Supply name, social security number and last known address and we will provide where subject has current or most recent utility service.
  • Locate – Supply name, social security number, city and state (if known) of subject and we will provide verified current address and non-published phone number (if available)
  • Client Credit Report – Obtain full “Transunion” report which does not show up as an inquiry.  a full name and social security number is needed to process with search.
  • Benefits Searches:  Can determine if someone is receiving any type of “benefits” such as welfare, social security, ext.   A full name, address and social security number is needed to proceed with this search.
  • Bank Search – It is a comprehensive statewide search. We provide any and all bank accounts in any and all banks in the given state. We obtain the bank(s) name, address and phone number and the type of account and the current balance in each account.
  • Property Search
  • Social Security Search-  Supply the current or last known address and we can supply a social security number.
  • License Plate –  Supply a License plated and we can give you the name and address its registered to.

and more….   Please ask if there is something specific you are looking for.

If no information is located, we refund 80% of the report cost.