Utah Victim Notification

Victim Notification

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The Utah Department of Corrections Vine Service is a free automated hotline that provides victims with information and notification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

General Features

  • Use of the UDC VINE Service is free of charge.
  • After you have registered for notification the UDC Vine Service will call you automatically if an inmate is released, is transferred, escapes or dies.
  • All telephone registrations through the UDC Vine Service are anonymous. You will select your own four digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access the system.
  • You may register more than one telephone number, using the same PIN for each registration.
  • If you are not home when the VINE system calls with a notification, the service will leave a message and call back within two hours.
  • You may call the UDC Vine Service as often as you like from any touch-tone telephone to check on an inmate’s custody status.
  • The UDC Vine Service may be accessed from anywhere in the United States using the toll-free number.
  • Live VINE operators in English and Spanish may be accessed at any time.

The UDC Vine Program allows crime victims, as well as other members of the community, access to inmate information. Access to this data is available by using any touch-tone telephone. By entering the inmate’s name or offender number, the caller can find out if the offender is in custody, and if the offender has a release date; If you have difficulty with the name or offender number you may access a live VINE operator or contact the UDC Victim Services Unit for assistance.

Registration for notification is also available using a touch-tone telephone. Once registered, the Vine system will call with notification of custody status as listed below. The system will call the registered party every hour for up to 48 hours, or until notification is confirmed by the entering of the correct PIN code.

Notification for Utah Department of Corrections inmates will be made to registered callers for the following:

  • Release from prison
  • Escape from custody
  • Return to custody from escape
  • Death
  • Release on furlough, work release, or community program
  • Parole release date 30 days prior to release
  • Moves to county jails, moves between the Draper and Gunnison prison sites, or moves to community correctional centers (halfway-house)

To register with the UDC VINE System, call toll-free 1-877-884-8463 or use www.vinelink.com.

Any questions regarding VINE, notification, or victim issues should be directed to the Utah Department of Corrections Victim Services Unit at 801.545.5899 or 801.545.5658.

Please Note: Do not depend solely on the VINE service for your protection. If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as though the offender has already been released.